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Who we Are

     EdigitalWolf is one of the world’s leading providers of Likes, Followers, and Views. Our services will increase your social exposure quickly and affordably.

Social marketing has become very powerful over the past few years as most internet users use services like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to keep in touch with their friends and family. Our social marketing services have helped hundreds of businesses increase their social presence and profits. Many businesses find our services so effective they order from us on a monthly or weekly basis.

With billions of people using social networks, there’s a huge opportunity for business owners to market their products to those people. Social marketing makes it possible to reach out to millions of people in just a matter of days. We offer a wide range of services and packages to suit all budgets. Choose a social network above and join our growing group of happy customers who have found success using our social marketing services.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

social media marketing

website Development

Content Marketing

Graphic Designing

Logo Designing

How It Work

step 1

We work with your team to understand the scope of work, dependencies,goals and key Performance indicators (KPIS)

Step 2

Estimation based on documentation goals and requirements,we provide an estimate for the work required to implement your mobile product

step 3
In-depth requirements

once the contract is signed,we create in-depth user stories and flow diagrams for each functionality the team will implement.

step 4
Quality Analysis

we use rigorous end-to-end testing to ensure everything has been implemented successfully, and perform regression testing, performance testing,and everything in between.

step 5

After proposed functionalities and designs are approved by the client, our developers create high quality code,module by module.

step 6
UI/UX design

Once all requirements are documented the team will create wireframes,prototypes and high-fidelity design comps to share with our clients.

step 7
Production Release

We use application release automation and continuous integration tools to ensure your release management cycle goes as planned and that your application is launched bug-free.

step 8
Thorough documentation

We produce in-depth release notes,flow diagrams and API documentation for each line of code written ,ensuring that any developer can quickly get up to speed with our work.

step 9
Post Release monitoring

Once your application is launched to production ,we do sanity testing to make sure everything works as expected,monitoring the vital signs of your app as it is being used by real users.

step 10
Ongoing support

If you need additional technical support such as troubleshooting,mobile app monitoring and bug fixes -or if you wish to develop additional features and functionalities-we are here to help.

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What Our Client Say

Don't Just Take Our Word For It
I loved purchasing these services at reasonable rates, will refer my friends. My business has gone far using your services. Thank You. 
I like edigitalwolf service. They have helped me with all my requests and made my website look wonderful. also gone the extra mile and explained how to make my website more accessible to web search engines. Thank you for all you do!
Heidi Reyes
Great customer service! EdigitalWolf Company is professional and extremely serious about business. I have increased my revenue for my business with the guidance and knowledge. Thank You.
Amanda Mitchell